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Our sister store Mala & Satay is NOW OPEN 11am - 10pm MON - SAT.

Located at 224 Fairview ave N. Seattle, WA 98109


We are the home of the banh mi burgers! Our Meekong Burger is our signature dish where we put together our house baked banh mi buns with our juicy beef patty, sriracha aioli, pickled vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, and cilantro creating this delicate yet soulfully satisfying burger! We are a small family operated restaurant with a great team of staff wiping out everyone's perception of Vietnamese cuisine. So come on in with an open mind and just let your taste buds do the work !


Established in 2016.

We are sister stores of Mekong Village which had opened in 2010. Di Chuc, the dessert chef of Mekong Village took a new twist and created Meekong Bar, offering great drinks to go with not only her amazing desserts but banh mi burgers! She took her mother's recipe to create this amazing Meekong beef patty and she created her own banh mi buns to go with it. Di's specialty is in baking but that doesn't stop her and her mother from creating unique dishes combining different cultures within one plate!

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